Natural fresh water pool:

Come take a dip in our clean, refreshing, natural river pool all whilst surrounded by breathtaking views of the Yungas Mountains.


Is a fantastic recreation room with pool table, massive selection of music and DVD?s and a great way to end the day chilling out having a drink and socializing with Volunteers.
Opening Hours: 17:00pm to 23:00pm daily


As we are situated in the middle of the jungle, there are numerous hikes to choose from, including a short self guided hike to our communities waterfall with spectacular bird life. Guided tours can be organized on request.


Within La Senda Verde alone the photographic opportunities are endless with breathtaking views and amazing wildlife to capture.

Zzip the Flying Fox

Adrenaline Attraction

For the thrill seekers at heart we have 3 huge zips that give you a spectacular view over the Yungas area at high speeds. Organized tour departures are every day between 10am and 4pm. Tour Duration 1 hour.


Corico - Yungas

At just 3 hours from the harsh climate and sparse vegetation of La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, Coroico is best known as a place to just chill and enjoy the sun, to eat well and go for a swim.

Gravity Assisted

WMDR or The Death Road

Take the challenge and bike ?the worlds most dangerous road?. Starting in the picturesque snow caped mountains and finishing on the door step of La Send Verde Animal Refuge, in the lush green forest of North Yungas. Full Day Tour departing everyday 7.30am.

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