By adopting one of the animals at La Senda Verde Animal Refuge you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference. 100% of your donation will go towards improving the quality of life of a rescued animal, giving them a second chance at life. Your one off adoption payment will last 12 months. At the end of this period you will have the opportunity to renew or continue your adoption or why not choose one of our other Wild Child´s?


All of the inclusions in your adoption pack are online, this not only means you are caring for an animal but also caring for the environment too!! When adopting an animal you are agreeing to a monthly direct debit from your credit card or account of an agreed donation amount per month. Adoptive support can be cancelled at any time by contacting Virginia Ossio

  • TIPNIS: Andean Spectacled Bear
    (Tremarctos Ornatus)

    Gender: Female
    Aged: 11 months approx. (on arrival)
    Arrived to La Senda Verde: September 2011

  • KALUA: Black-faced Spider Monkey
    (Ateles chamek)

    Gender: Female
    Aged: 2 months approx. (on arrival)
    Arrived to La Senda Verde: November 2011


Species: Andean Spectacled Bear
Scientific Name: Tremarctos Ornatus
Gender: Female
Aged: 11 months approx. (on arrival)
Arrived to La Senda Verde: September 2011
Rescued From: Tarija, Bolivia by the DGB, Bolivian Department of Biodiversity
Problems on arrival: Mal nourished, extremely scared, unable to use all her teeth properly 95% Omnivore Diet: Watermelon, Papaya, Pineapple, Coconut, Bananas, Apples, Nuts and Bromeliads.
Status: Vulnerable Species
TIPNIS´S STORY: Tipnis was living in a small town in the Tarija region alongside a pack of dogs when rescued. Fighting these dogs each day for a small amount of dog food. Tipnis´s sibling was also living alongside her in this town but was too small and defenseless and was unfortunately killed by the local dogs. It is unconfirmed how these two Cubs arrived in this town in the first place, but it is believed they where poached away from their Mother.
Tipnis´s situation was reported to the Government, Direction General de Bio Diversidad. She was then rescued an relocated to La Senda Verde. Tipnis travelled by road from Tarija to Sucre Airport, where she was flown to the El Alto airport. The dedicated team of La Senda Verde travelled a 4 hour journey to collect her from the El Alto Airport. She arrived in a small dog transporter cage as she was so tiny, just a scared cub.
She now lives in a well developed enclosure of 1500m square. She has access to fresh running river water and plenty of trees to climb and scratch on.
Your donation will help feed Tipnis, buy yearly medication, and keep her enclosure running smoothly for the best quality of life in captivity.



Species: Black Spider Monkey
Gender: Female
Aged: 2 months (approx.) on arrival
Arrived to La Senda Verde: November 2011
Rescued By: Animals SOS La Paz Bolivia
Problems on arrival: Severely mal nourished, no hair on her body, underdeveloped muscle mass, 3 bullets lodged under her skin, and extremely scared.
Omnivore Diet: Lettuce, Avocado, Carrot, Watermelon, Papaya, Mango, Bananas, Apples, Nuts and Green leafy sweet plants.
Status: Endangered
KALUA´S STORY: Kalua was rescued by animals SOS in La Paz Bolivia, and brought La Senda Verde in November 2011, a three hour journey by road. She was extremely mal nourished to the point her hair was not growing and therefore she was in a constant state of feeling cold.
We can not be 100% certain of Kalula´s past as with alot of the animals that arrive to the Refuge, but the evidence of mal treatment speaks for it's self. Kalua arrived to La Senda verde with 3 bullets imbedded in her body which we believe the result of being poached and no muscle mass in her legs, probably due to being kept in a small cage.
Kalua is now being raised by one of our surrogate parents and has been accepted into the Spider Monkey Troupe. However she still has her day to day struggles with her underdeveloped leg muscles and often can't keep up with the troupe.
Your donation will help feed Kalua and pay for the much needed vitamins and medicine required to get Kalua back in full action. It will also help with the physiotherapy measure needed for her to gain strength in her underdeveloped legs.


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