La Senda Verde is taking the initiative and offering local school of the surrounding communities a chance to take part in their dynamic conservation program, which also incorporates the subject of illegal animal trafficking of wild animals in Bolivia and around the world.

La Senda Verde also offers special educational programs to schools located in the city region. There is a camping option to allow city children gain a true feel and appreciation for nature, whilst camping out under the stars. The program incorporates sharing opportunities with the local schools in the area, hands on seminars learning about environmental conservation and the effects of animal trafficking. All of this is taught on sight at the reserve in our amazing outdoor classroom!

Projects Include:

  • Making an information centre inside LSV, including photo´s, documentaries and information sheets about the different animals in LSV, and the reason why they are here.
  • Information boards demonstrating the importance to recycle, save energy, and preserve flora and fauna.
  • Making an educational tour / program especially focused on school children in Bolivia.

Sustainability and Community Relations:

Sustainable operations are extremely important to the LSV ethos. Currently the property generates solar energy, using solar ovens to prepare food for the animals, collects and transports recyclable materials, and purchases local products whenever possible.

Additionally, LSV and the French organization "Coeur de foret" are working closely with several local farmers to plant 4000 new native trees in the surrounding area, to restore damage which has been caused by illegal mining and poor deforestation practices in the past. Generally, LSV plays an active role in the local community, and believes that maintaining these positive relationships is of upmost importance.
"Coeur de foret" - Senda Verde

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