As the influx of animals has been dramatically increasing over the last three years, LSV needs to organize the animal refuge differently, to keep the refuge safe for both animals and humans. This means improving and building new enclosures or cages. It is important to note when constructing new enclosures, they must be large enough for the animal to live in comfortably, easy access to water, a manageable cleaning plan and only quality materials are used, to lengthen the longevity of the enclosure.

Special Projects Include:

1A NURSERY CAGE: where baby Monkeys can play and stay safe. This will also act as space for the infants to be introduced to their own species, learning to interact with them. The project will cost about 3000.-USD.

28 SMALL RECOVERY CAGES: 4 located in Quarantine Area and 4 located in the Animal Clinic. Cost of the project: 800.-USD

3ENCLOSURE FOR THE TITI AND OWL MONKEYS: LSV received 4 new Monkeys ( 3 Owl Monkeys and 1 Titi Monkey in 2012) the current cage is becoming to small. The enclosure will need to be built in a quieter area within LSV as the Owl Monkeys are nocturnal and require day silence. Cost of the project: 3000.-USD

4TWO CAPUCHIN ENCLOSURES: Presently LSV cares for 58 Capuchin Monkeys (October 2012), a small amount of these will need to be placed in a controlled environment due to safety reasons for other animals and humans. By building two large enclosures we can separate the troupe and create a healthy, balanced situation for the Monkeys and also aid the Care Givers and Volunteers. Cost of the project: 21000.-USD

5MALE SPIDER MONKEY ENCLOSURE: For safety reasons we need to build an enclosure for our eldest male Spider Monkey. At the moment he is in a temporary cage, the new enclosure will be built in the Monkey Area. It will be designed to enable free roaming Spider Monkeys the opportunity to visit the male inside the cage, also giving an overall larger living area. Cost of the project: 5000.-USD

6BIRD AVIARY: This project is now in progress! LSV is in the process of building a 45m long by 20m wide by 9m high bird aviary. This will create a safe living environment for many of our birds that don?t have the ability to fly or protect themselves due to many reasons including cut wings, loss of muscle power. The aviary will give them plenty of room to practice their flying skills, safe from wild animals in the area. Cost of this project 35 000USD. Raised so far 10 000USD.

7ADAPTATION OF THE ENCLOSURE FOR THE TWO TYRA’S: This enclosure was originally used to house Fox’s. It now needs to be adapted and updated to suit the needs of our Tyra’s. Cost of the project: 400.-USD

8BUILD A NEW LARGER CAGE FOR THE MOUNTAIN CAT: Our baby Mountain Cat is growing fast, and has been living in a temporary cage since his arrival. Ideally the enclosure would be designed with plenty of trees for climbing, large pond, and grassy area for playing. Cost of the project: 1000.-USD

9CONSTRUCT TWO NEW BOA ENCLOSURES: The Boas arrived when they were just babies and are now each approximately 1.5m. They need a larger enclosure to live and move more comfortably. Cost of the project: 800.-USD

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Donate Now:

Account# 4880-3610-1948
Account holder: Virginia Ossio
IBAN: TX2-563-01-01
Routing # 026009593
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N

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