"CORAZÓN DE BOSQUE " Heart of the Forest



Sustainable operations are extremely important to the LSV ethos. Currently the property generates solar energy, using solar ovens to prepare food for the animals, collects and transports recyclable materials, and purchases local products whenever possible.

Additionally, LSV constructed a strong partnership with the association "Corazón del Bosque" allowing them to use a part of their land for their activity:



Corazón del Bosque is cultivating native trees in an ecologic nursery with the aim to fight deforestation together with the farmers of the surrounding area.
More than planting trees, the members of Corazón del Bosque are promoting the use of agroforestry, which is an ecological way of producing crops associated with trees. In that way, the soils are protected from the erosion and the farmers are beneficiating of diversified incomes.
As a matter of facts, Corazón del Bosque helps them to plant in their fields forest trees but also various fruit trees, including coffee trees, citrus etc.
The association is also working closely with the city Hall of Coroico and others associations as Programa de Amazonia sin fuego and the Red Ambiental Coroico.



To protect the forest and the environment, you have to take care of the bees!

That´s why Corazón del Bosque is also involved in the promotion of beekeeping in the municipality of Coroico. The association is helping farmers, providing them with beehives, training them and offering them the market, buying their production to package it and sell it. All the money gained is going back to the project to help others farmers



Corazón del Bosque is working with LSV with the ecological production of vegetables. The production goes for the animals and to the restaurant of LSV.

The members of both associations are testing various technics of composting, illness and insects management, crops associations etc. They are also observing how the animals are reacting to the food to provide them with the best alimentation possible

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