Experience our all new double story restaurant, where the humans are caged and the Monkeys are in full view outside at play.

BOLIVIAN DISH OF THE DAY: We offer authentic Bolivian cuisine made from locally grown produce that is fresh and organic. Supporting the local communities and decreasing our carbon footprint.
PASTA & SALAD BUFFET: Our delicious pasta and salad buffet is made fresh everyday featuring three types of sauces : Bolognese, Vegetarian, and a unique Pumpkin Salsa.
DESSERTS: With home made mouth watering desserts to choose from: Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream, Lemon Cheesecake, and Passionfruit Mousse you will have to save room for a sweet treat.
SPECIALTY COFFE: This exceptional high altitude organic coffee is a local delicacy not to be missed. Grown at 4600 to 6000 feet above sea level it´s produced in total harmony with nature, delivering aromatic, juicy, savory speciality coffee.
DINNER: Staying over night? Enjoy tasty meals and the relaxed atmosphere of our conveniently located on sight restaurant you don't need to travel anywhere.

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